Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mummies and Monsters, United Way

I got on United Way’s mother/child email list and I got an email about a fun, free even with lots of activities a for the kids.  We like to go on family outings on Saturday mornings—and this was perfect.  We threw together a quick little costume for the boys since I hadn’t even started on their real costumes yet.  My sister loaned us this awesome horse that Luke most happily pranced around in, and we dressed them both up as little country boys.  DSC_5436

Sam was not interested in turning around for a photo op!DSC_5441Sam was a bit overwhelmed with all the people and activities going on…but mommy knows what Sammy likes and we spent most of our time here in the Styrofoam popcorn pits.  There were little objects hidden to find which was fun, too.  DSC_5432 DSC_5434  Luke spent most of his time with daddy watching the live reptile show.  Overall, a fun little outing and glad we took the time to take the boys over there.  We need to get out more for sure!

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