Monday, October 21, 2013

Luke’s School Pictures

I never did write Luke's “going to preschool” post.  But to make up for it, here are his school pictures that I finally was able to get off the CD I ordered thanks to hubby installing a new CD Rom drive in our computer!  I’ve had the CD for over a month now, but Sam jammed up the CD rom drive and it was un-usable until we got a new one.  So I just got to see the pictures tonight! 

These are the bets ones and I love them so much I might take Sam to Camera Shy (the peeps who took them) to get some to match!

Luke's School PicsIMG_2741 IMG_2745 IMG_2748 IMG_2750 IMG_2753 IMG_2754 IMG_2757This last one cracks me up.  Love it.

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