Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sam 18-20 months Old

It’s been a long time since the last update on Sam and he has changed a LOT.DSC_4466-2

He still loves digging in the dirt,DSC_4826-2

But at least he equally loves playing in the water (outside) and playing in the bathtub.

He's obsessed with cars and trucks…and pointing them out everywhere.  DSC_4496-2

He LOVES to color and write on paper with pens.  And that makes this momma very happy!DSC_4430-2

However, our little artist has colored on almost all the walls downstairs and this momma was not happy about that.  Discovered that magic erasers really are magic, though and that made clean up super easy. 

Mess-maker should be his middle name.  But he is really good about helping clean up the mess, too.  And he will usually stop if I tell him to.  DSC_3511-2

He is a super momma’s boy.  When Daddy leaves (like for work, but really whenever) he is happy and says “Bye-Bye” and waves like crazy.  When mommy leaves, first we see the lip, and then full out tears and crying.  Sometimes he’s ok after a few minutes and other times he makes life difficult for Daddy when mom is gone.    DSC_3558

Every day when I get ready he begs to go “Up” and sit on the counter and help me do make up.  He’s been doing it for a year and now he knows where which makeup goes where and he tries to put it on his face.  DSC_4764-2

Sam is talking a TON.  His first words were “Bye” and “Hi” and then signing & then saying “All Done”

Now he pretty much only signs “more”.  It’s the same sign for “please” but he also talks the word “peeze” as he signs it.  DSC_4598-2

He says all these words:  Blankie (bank-ie), bottle, mommy (om-me), daddy, kitty, Hi Kitty, Owl, doggy, please, thank you, uh-oh, ewwww, and ew-we, yucky, tummy, yummy, dirt, Stinky, bath (Baff), UP! Hi, Bubbye, Ni-Night, Grandma (gam-ma) Love You, oo-oo-ah-ah (monkey sound), Hot (accompanied with a nose wrinkle), Hot Dog! meow…oh man I don’t even know if I can list them all.  He is SO good at even trying to say words that he can’t say.  I love that!  When he started saying I love you it completely melted my heart!  Love it!

If he can’t say it he usually points and says “Om-me” and drags you to where he wants you to take him (usually to get candy—he knows ALL the places in the house where treats are kept)
He points to his nose, covers his ears, sticks out his tongue and knows where his tummy and eyes are. DSC_4445-2Now I’m probably forgetting a bazillion things about him I want to share right now, but basically he is simply adorable and we love his little bursting personality!  Here’s just a bunch more pictures I love of Sam from the last few months:    DSC_4532-2 DSC_4560-2DSC_4602-2DSC_4612-2DSC_4665-2DSC_4719-2     We love this little red-headed crazy boy!!  


  1. Sam is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing your life with us. It's nice to be able to keep in touch in this way. We leave tomorrow for conference!

  2. Such a cutie! He's growing so fast!


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