Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Microfiber Miracle

When we bought our first house, we needed furniture to fill it, including our first couch. 
I got a microfiber couch because I planned to have kids and I always heard that microfiber was great for kids because it was easy to clean.

This is a lie.

I mean just LOOK at what my couches had become…Before-Washing-Microfiber-Cusions


Every time they spilled something it seemed to leave a mark no matter how fast I was to clean it up.  Over time the couch just got filthy!  This is five years of yuck.

Now like many people, I came across the rubbing-alcohol-scrub-it-clean methods and I tried them.  But they didn’t work and on my ottoman it just made things worse.  (Good thing for throw blankets!) 

I began to lose hope.

I started looking for slipcovers.  But they were expensive and I wasn’t convinced they would look good on my couch.  I didn’t want it to scream “I’m wearing a slipcover!!” cuz that’s tacky.

I reread the post about the rubbing alcohol method thinking maybe I'd done something wrong and needed to try again before giving up.   That’s when I started reading the comments!!  One commenter (and then a few more) said she just threw them in the washing machine! 

What?!! I can do that???

So I did!

I was so anxious to try it, that I only took one before picture and it was after I washed the first cushion cover!  I only did one cushion cover first, but it looked FANTASTIC!!  The one on the left is the dirty one, obviously, and the one on the right is the first cushion washed and dried: DSC_4748
So excited that I washed and dried them ALL!! And the ones on my loveseat, too.After-Washing-Microfiber-Cusions
It was like a new couch again!  Microfiber Miracle-After

I can’t believe my solution was so simple!  I was seriously wishing I could just buy a new couch just because it was so gross!Wash-your-cushion-covers-in-the-washing-machine-and-they-come-out-like-new

Now I know better—First, don’t buy microfiber in the first place and Second, just throw them in the washing machine!!


  1. That's what we do, I thought I talked you into that last time you were here! Hard to bite the bullet and do it for the first time, though, I know. You really do have to have come to terms with the idea of buying a new couch anyway, where the stains are so bad you'll try anything. Totally works, just takes that leap of faith. :-)

  2. I am pretty sure I have that exact couch. Actually, I have two of them. We got them in California at an Ashley Furniture, and they came with a stain protection plan--we have a bottle of cleaning spray that gets everything out, and if we can't get it out, they will replace the cushion or couch. I usually just use wet wipes on stains or sometimes carpet cleaner, but it does clean pretty easily... (I will admit that my husband has shampooed the couches a couple times over the years.) I'm not sure I'd trust my washing machine to clean those cushions after it ripped my pillow to shreds, but it's good to know that's an option! If we get major stains in the couch (like Kenzie pee stains during potty training), I might just head over to the laundromat for a refresher.

  3. I have that same exact couch. Only mine looks like your 'before" picture. You threw them in the dryer and they didn't shrink? I'm going to wash mine TODAY. I also tried the alcohol and it worked great but I was exhausted from scrubbing!

    1. Yep! Throw them in the dryer! One of the comments said that microfiber can't shrink--and that made sense to me so I threw them in. If you are worried then just hang them up. Or even better, put the covers in the dryer for 5-10 min and then hang them up for the rest of the time. They dry pretty quickly.

  4. I have the same couch and the same problem! Never buying microfiber again! What settings did you use to wash them?

    1. I'm pretty sure I just did a normal cycle on warm/cold and the dryer on Low for 15-20 minutes.

  5. I have the same couch. There is a large foam core and then and inside pocket/zipper with more. Did you just pull all the foam insides out?

    1. Yes, just wash the covers. Take all the innerds out of the cushions. Also, I just learned that you can use windex to clean the arms of the couch and it works great!

  6. Omg I just found this post and thread. I'm so excited to try it. I have the exact couch and it's nasty. I can't wait to get it looking clean amd nice again.

    1. I recently tried Windex on the arms and that worked pretty good too!


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