Sunday, September 01, 2013

Making Faces

These pictures came out terrible (I suck at taking pictures in my Master Bathroom—the lighting is just weird) But they were too cute not to share!  So I made them black and white (which I’m not usually a fan of) and they look a lot better. 

Sam loves to sit up on the vanity and play in my makeup and stuff as I get ready.  He’s been doing it for so long he knows exactly which make up brushes I use with which make up and where it goes on my face.  He tries to put it on himself.  He loves my sugar-cookie chap stick so I usually indulge him and put some on him. 

Anyway, this day he started making faces at himself in the mirror so I snapped some pictures.  He cracks me up with his cheesy grin! 

DSC_4281-2 DSC_4284-2  DSC_4287-2DSC_4289-2DSC_4292-2DSC_4286-2 DSC_4294-2 DSC_4295-2 DSC_4303-2


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    1. ha, fyi, this is Amy. I'm trying to fix my "no reply blogger" status and I'm trying this screen name...

  2. Those are too cute! You've really got an eye for photography. Sorry your lighting wasn't what you wanted, but these are awesome. He's not even my child, and I'd wan't a collage of these together. They'd make me smile.


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