Monday, August 19, 2013

The Beard.

My hubby probably doesn’t want me to post about him…let alone his beard

But it’s my blog ;)

He’d never gone this long without shaving either and his beard was really long!

DSC_3492-2 DSC_3499-2 DSC_3501-2

I gotta say I was getting used the really long beard…I almost didn’t recognize him when he trimmed it down! DSC_3508-2 

ahhh better.DSC_3509-2

(these pics & post are from June)

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  1. Haha, beards really make guys look older, don't they. Mike can't really grow a beard, definitely nothing compared to Scott, but he went about 5 days without shaving on our trip and the day he shaved, he looked so much younger. Even with just like, stubble, kinda Mulan-villains-like facial hair. It's the Asian gene.


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