Friday, July 05, 2013

The Fourth

I’m seriously horrible at blogging this summer.  I have a very valid reason that I will tell you about in a post a few days from now, but right now I’m going to try and catch up on the summer a bit!

You should probably follow me on Instagram (@kdbsmiles) if you’re able, because I post there WAY more than on this blog right now!  Easy and fast snapshots of life and that’s why I love it! 

Here’s some shots of our Independence Day!

We didn’t do a darn thing all day since the hubby had to work (he took off the 5th instead)…but then we joined some neighborhood friends for a big BBQ and fireworks on the street!

Sam enjoyed all the different cars and trikes our friends had to play with.  Luke had fun running around with 20 other kids. 

IMG_20130704_201947 IMG_20130704_202526 IMG_20130704_203354

First fireworks for Sam!  He was loving it! IMG_20130704_205952 IMG_20130704_210112

A break for a bun… IMG_20130704_210242Mommy & Sam…way past bedtime for sleepy Sam! IMG_20130704_210637

When we got home the neighbors were also shooting off fireworks—really big noisy ones.   Sam was watching and saying “Whoooa!!” for each one. 

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