Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sprinkler.

Getting my kids to get wet…willingly…for fun…is not an easy feat.

They hate getting their heads and faces wet.

Enter a day in the upper 90s and a new bug sprinkler and a dead spot in the grass…DSC_3850-2

It took some coaxing at the beginning, but they eventually warmed up to it and had a little fun.  DSC_3856-2DSC_3873-2DSC_3876-2

Such an awesome face! I’m so glad I caught this expression!DSC_3902-2DSC_3905-2

Sam was much happier on the slide.


Luke enjoyed laying out to dry…DSC_3976-2DSC_3957-2

Until Baby Sam came in for the belly attack!          DSC_3970-2 DSC_3973-2

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