Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Naughty in the Highchair.

Unfortunately, this is how Sam resorts to “sitting” in his highchair.  DSC_3839-2He wiggles out of the seatbelt if we use it, so it’s really no help.  I think it might be time to retire the high chair for a booster at the big table…DSC_3835-2 

Sam thinks he’s hilarious.DSC_3833-2


  1. Well obviously he can't reach the light switch when he's sitting properly. Looks like the light switch is important to him. ;-)

  2. That's how our little one is! (well, maybe not QUITE as dare devilish), but we have her on a booster seat at the table and she sits fine now. Maybe she just likes sitting with us!

  3. That would scare me to pieces!! I think you're wise to make the transition.


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