Friday, June 14, 2013

Cruisin’ (Part One:The Allure of the Seas)

Scott and I just got back from a cruise a couple weeks ago…and I guess I haven’t really gotten back in the daily routine yet.  It’s highly tempting to sit around reading books (like we did on our cruise) instead of tackling laundry and editing pictures to put up on the blog…

We traveled on {currently} the largest cruise ship of the world—Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas!  It.was.big.  But then, all cruise ships seem big to me!  There was a TON of stuff to do on the ship, so it was a good thing that 3 1/2 of our 6 days on the cruise were “Sea” days spent on the ship!

Our Room was pretty cool.  It was located on the 8th deck on the very front of the ship!  The window wall was slanted forward giving us a lot of extra space and making the whole room feel much bigger!  We loved it.  It was also nice to walk through Central Park (a large garden-like area of the ship) to get our room to everywhere else.

{what you can’t see is the couch right behind this little table, and then the closet and bathroom.}SAMSUNG

The view out our window at Labadee, Haiti. We had the helicopter deck out in front of us.  Out the Window

Here’s a view of the ENTIRE ship.  I couldn’t even get it all in the shot!  {This is in Cozumel, Mex}IMG_0349-2 IMG_0353-2 
Checking out the back of the ship (still in Ft Lauderdale, FL)P1130768-2

Love this view from the back elevators on the ship.  Glittery and beaded floating dresses!SAMSUNG 
There are a lot of shows to see while on the ship!  Something for every night if you want. 
Waiting for the show to start in the HUGE Amber Theatre. We saw Chicago, a Headliner show with Ed Turner, Blue Planet (singing, dancing, acrobatics/gymnastics show), Love and Marriage (like the Newlywed Show), and a few other things in this theatre.  P1130771-2

There was a water theater at the back of the ship.  They did amazing shows with acrobatics and high diving.  This was from one of the shows for kids during the afternoon.  P1130799-2

There is an ice skating rink on this ship!  The ice show was my favorite—the ice skaters were amazing and the costumes were awesome.   P1130801-2P1130803-2

They even had free-skate times so we tried that out—not for very long though.  The ice was pretty bumpy and our skates weren’t the quite the right size. IMG_0301
There was also a rock climbing wallIMG_5237-2

And a zip-lineIMG_0385-2

Flow rider was a favorite among our group.  This was the Boogie Board side. I never tried it because the idea of a ton of water spraying in my face and looking ridiculous in front of a stand of gawkers didn’t seem that appealing.  But I enjoyed everyone else doing it! IMG_0376-2P1130777-2

I even took some videos:
(you’ll have to jump to my site and outside of Google Reader to see them, probably)

They had daily activities on the ship and we joined a few.  We did a scavenger hunt around the ship, and we always tried to meet up and do the trivia sessions.IMG_0307-2 IMG_0306-2

We also enjoyed LOTS of different places to eat on the ship!
This is all of us (minus Anthony who is taking the pic) at Rita's Cantina

Toward the end of our trip I discovered the Workshop.  I spent an hour one afternoon crafting up this wooden pendant.  Leave it to me to find the crafts even on a cruise ship!!IMG_0382-2 
We had some free time to kill one night, so we went to the casino for a little $5 challenge.  Scott got lucky on Roulette and Black Jack.    IMG_0390-2IMG_0386-2

By Far our most favorite thing to do on the ship was just lounge and read books on our Nooks!  Sometimes we read in the sun and worked on our tan then cooled off in the pool (the Solarium was our favorite for this because it was never crowded).  Other times we just chilled in the shade and read.  So relaxing.   P1130785-2 P1130786-2

Dressing up for the two formal nights was fun.  I only got pictures the first night, though.IMG_5201-2

Always have to take pictures with the towel animals…P1130804-2
IMG_0294-2      IMG_0367-3 
That’s the ship!  Next I will post pictures from the countries we visited…Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico!

{If you’re wondering why these pictures are horrible in quality, it’s because I got scared and decided not to take my DSLR.  Never again will I leave it at home!  I was using poor quality cameras the whole trip and was seriously kicking myself the whole time for not bringing it!}

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  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos!


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