Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Sam is Up to Lately…

….most likely no good! He can be SO naughty sometimes!

I’ve said before that I will pretty much let Sam play with anything sometimes just to get some work done…there is definitely proof of that in some of these pictures!

So here is a photo dump of some Sam Sam goodness:DSC_2188-2 DSC_2193-2 DSC_2209-2 DSC_2215-2 DSC_2232-2 DSC_2239-2 DSC_2242-2

This shirt is VERY appropriate for Sam.  very. DSC_2259-2 DSC_2260-2 DSC_2556-2 DSC_2560-2 DSC_2565-2 DSC_2567-2DSC_2629-2DSC_2632-2

This is my view about 50 times a day.  He’s very good at playing by himself or with Luke, but he also REALLY loves mommy and wants me to pick him up.   DSC_2584-2 

Good thing he’s so darn cute!


  1. I am continually impressed with the quality of your indoor photos. I know some of it has to do with your fancy camera but I can also tell you are conscious of your lighting and you do a fantastic job of getting catchlights in eyes. I'm a bit jealous of the lighting in your home!

    1. I'll let you in on my secret---Light Scoop! I have the new swivel one and it makes a HUGE difference. I actually don't know that much about my camera ;) I put my camera on Program and then use the exposure button and bump it up to somewhere between +.007 and +2.0 and use the light scoop to bounce the flash. Worth every penny!! I also use my 50mm lens whenever i can because I think it gets clearer pictures than my zoom 18-105mm kit lens.

  2. Sam's shirt definitely fits the pictures :) Your kids are so cute!

  3. Here's Sam's shirt again. Yes, very appropriate. I'm so glad he and Luke get along and like playing with one another. Looks like you can't leave him alone for long. What fun stories and pictures you'll have to share with him when he gets older. Of course he loves his mommy!!! How could he not. Love you, Katie.


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