Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life Lately

To say that this month has been busy so far would be a vast understatement. 
Right smack in the middle of all the crazy, Sam came down with something awful that totally wiped him out.  On the third day of his fever and wanting-nothing-but-mommy-to hold-me I took him to the doctor and found out he had a really bad ear infection. 
{so sick, but I still got a smile out of him}DSC_2987-2 We put him on amoxicillin and hoped he would soon be back to our happy Sam.  The next day he broke out in a spotty rash all over his back and tummy…which meant the fever was caused by the Roseola virus {3 days of fever then the fever brakes and the rash begins} There’s nothing you can do for that, but lucky for Sam the rash wasn’t very bad and went away really fast.
{getting better, but still just wants bottles and mommy!}DSC_2993-2 DSC_2999-2
But for a solid week, Sam wanted nothing and nobody but mommy! Talk about exhausting! 
My parent flew here from Ohio and somehow I managed to clean and organize the house for them to stay here amidst Sam’s sickness.  We had a really good visit with them, albeit, a short one.  I didn’t take any pictures!  We went to IKEA, had a little shopping trip to check out the new Gordman’s that just opened near us, had a big family dinner at my sister’s house, and a big family dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  My mom and I also worked on making a skirt I made last summer smaller because it was way too big! 
{Sam trying out the bean bag chairs at Gordman’s}SAMSUNG
Sam is now back to normal and his extremely happy and mischievous self!  He reminded me of that this morning when he dumped the cat’s water into the cat’s food dish. *ugh*
We took a short trip up into the mountains to visit Scott’s grandparents this weekend. I made a point to take out my camera this time!  We spent a good long time outside just walking around and exploring their land a bit. 
My husband’s Grandpa restores old Kaiser-Fraser cars and has a lot of un-fixed up cars in the back of his property.  I love the beautifully restored cars in his museum, but there’s something I love about the beat-up junk cars out back, too.   Old Cars Lined Up Old Cars Old Kaiser Fraser  
Sam absolutely LOVED being outside for so long and to have free range to explore anything he wanted.
We got some decent pictures of the boys and of us, too DSC_3032-2 DSC_3042-2    DSC_3077-2DSC_3084-2 The boys with their Grandpa Brown {my husbands dad}DSC_3073-2
Checking out the rock piles!  We loaded up our Durango with rocks to line our beds in the yard.  Free rounded mountain rocks?  Yes please ;) DSC_3100-2 DSC_3102-2
Sam thought he was big enough to climb it, too! He got pretty far up before mommy made him come down!! DSC_3108-2  
We got back last night after a rough 2 hour ride home {including Luke getting motion sickness and throwing up everywhere about 20 minutes from home!} I had a massive headache already and then I had to clean up vomit out of not just Luke’s car seat, but Sam’s too.  That’s right, he threw up on his brother.  Awesome. 
The crazy-busy life isn’t done yet, but hopefully I’ll be better about taking pictures of all of it this time! 

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  1. So sorry to hear Sam was sick. Glad he got better. Not being a mommy yet, hearing that Sam only wanted his mommy is like "the dream" to be the only person who can make him happy. But I can see how that gets tiring after a long time, especially everyday when you have tons of things to do. Thanks for fixing my view on reality. Haha. Also, so happy to hear you had a fun, short visit with Scott's parents. Cheesecake factory, yum! That place with all the old cars are so cool. Loved the shots with you and your family on the car. Those were neat. Especially with Sam smiling super big. Those rocks are incredible. Bummer about Luke getting motion sickness. How did Sam feel about getting thrown up on.


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