Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Luke's New Chore

Luke has been kind of demanding when it comes to "screen" time--playing games our phones or our tablet or even watching tv shows and movies.  
So to counter the brat/entitlement syndrome he's developing, I'm making him earn his screen time.  His favorite chore is unloading the silverware.  It's cute because for each piece he puts away he announces where it goes...he says "and this one goes {with the big spoons}"

Next I plan on teaching him how to make his bed.  
And I'm trying to enforce his own cleaning up of his toys every day.  He hates cleaning up his toys most of all. He's just so slow that I end up doing most of the work.  We need to work on that.
I know there's lots more chores that a 4 year old is capable of doing, so I'm working on his first ever chore chart! Man I hated those as a kid. 

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  1. Is he standing on something? Cause he sure looks TALL! It's nice to have a helper.


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