Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Is it really Easter again already?? Seems like it was just a little bit ago that I was posting this awesome picture of Sam:


Now I’m posting this years picture!

{*best one I’ve got! Darn wiggle-worms! At least they are still stinkin’ cute in this one!}DSC_2872-3

It was a lot more fun this year than I anticipated!

We started out by catching an Egg Hunt at a park in Eagle Mountain…it was mass chaos at best! Luke didn’t even get a single egg, but a friendly mom shared two of her older boys eggs with him {bless her!} Luke still had fun anyway!  DSC_2674-3

I kinda had a feeling this might happen, so we planned our own egg hunt for him and Sam.  First we had to check out the loot the Easter Bunny left on the steps!DSC_2806-2 Next we dumped out the baskets and let the boys go crazy in the yard!  Luke knew just what to do…DSC_2816-3

And surprisingly, Sam knew exactly what to do, too!  He is a smart boy and surprises me by how quickly he learns how things work!  He dragged his basket around the yard, picked up eggs and put them in the basket like a pro!!  DSC_2831-2DSC_2836-2DSC_2838-2DSC_2842-2DSC_2843-2

Of course, there was some opening and eating of the contents, too.


Luke found the special Silver Egg that had MONEY inside!  He said he wants to go to the superhero library and buy some superhero books :) DSC_2857-2

Way too much candy was consumed before breakfast by both parties! DSC_2859-2 DSC_2892-2b

It was a great day holiday all-around!!  Hope your Easter was a good one, too!

I totally forgot to let Luke dye the eggs today, so we may have to catch up with that tomorrow!  Oops!

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  1. Wow! Both egg-hunting pros. Curious, that's the super hero library?


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