Monday, January 21, 2013

January is the worst.

I’m so done.


The dirty cars

The dirty snow

The dirty air

The Slush { I HATE slush!}

The freezing temperatures

Being stuck inside

My feet still freezing cold even under four blankets


Everything is cold, dirty and ugly and I’m so over it!  Ready for Spring! Summer! Even FALL! Anything but yucky yucky winter.

Sam is pretty over it, too.


Poor kid is sick again.  Not a fun way to spend a weekend. 

These January blahs are keeping me from getting serious about working on my goals.  I just can’t get very motivated about stuff.  Then I just get more depressed.  Not a great cycle.  Maybe I should just start in February.  I have one week to get ready for Sam’s one year birthday and then January is pretty much over already!  I just keep hoping for the weather to warm up and everything to thaw outside.  I have slowly gotten some organizing done, but that’s about it.

Bleh.  That’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. Sorry to hear things are so blah. Yup, I remember winter not being so fun. Not a fan of slush either. So so sorry to hear Sam is sick. He is still adorable though. Can't believe he's almost 1!!


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