Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Goal Reflection

I'm still on vacation, but I thought I would pop in and reflect on my goals from 2012. 

Feel free to skip this post if it isn't your thing.  I know some of my friends and family like to know what I'm working on and what i have planned for the upcoming year, so that's why I create this post every year. 

I knew that having a baby would throw me for a loop, but I guess I thought I would still be able to tackle some of these smaller goals--like scrapbooking.  Some of my priorities just changed after I wrote these down, so I didn't accomplish everything.  I am pretty happy with what I did manage to get done last year, despite my mama-lovin baby, Sam!

Reflection on my 2012 goals:
RED--didn't do so great or didn't do at all
YELLOW--did okay
GREEN--fully accomplished

Personal Goals
-Journal once a week
I did SO good in January.  I even wrote down basically the entire 2 days that I was in the hospital having Sam & Afterwards.  Then I only wrote twice in February, once in April and once in June...whomp, whomp.  Do I get points for "thinking" about journaling every week?!  I really really really want to keep working on this.
-blog at least 2 times a week (and every day in November)
I actually didn't do too bad with this for most months of the year! I did fizzle out at the end of November, but I ended up with 24 posts that month.  I didn't post much during the summer and a little bit in the fall, but I was super busy those months. Overall I did ok and I"m happy with what I did last year considering all the life adjustments with adding baby Sam to the family.

-2 crafty projects a month
I most definitely did this.  I didn't always blog about them--like this summer I made a lot of skirts and birthday presents for Luke's friends.  I did do two or more projects each month.

-5 digital scrapbooking pages per month
Nope.  I only made about 10 for the whole year.  It's time to start Sam's First Year book, so you'll be seeing more of my pages in the coming year.
-Learn something new about my camera or Photoshop every month
I did learn a few really good things, but I didn't meat this goal every month.

Goals for the House
-Paint the hallways, the nursery, and the Master Bedroom.
We painted the downstairs hallway, and Sam's room (the nursery), and I would have painted the Master Bedroom, but I couldn't nail down the color.  I keep going back and forth from black to dark dark grey to a really light color of some kind.  I just can't decide. 

-Shelving for Food Storage in the Laundry Room
I got super huge shelves from Home Depot and I LOVE them.  I have so much space for food which is awesome because my kitchen pantry closet is really small.  

-Hang more artwork and photos on the walls in the house
I put up a big gallery wall in Sam's room, and I put up new pictures and artwork all over the guest room (no pictures of that on here yet).  I was going to hang up pictures in the hallway, but I just painted before our vacation so I haven't gotten the chance to do it yet.  The living room needs a photo/artwork overhaul. 


-plant more bushes and shrubs
While we didn't actually plant anything yet, we spent two weekends dumping dirt and forming beds with rocks around the edges in preparation for new bushes and shrubs all over the yard.  

-Garage storage/organization
We put up a pegboard over the summer, but we didn't hang anything on it yet.  We hung up a bike pulley for my bike to get it up and out of the way.  That's the extent of the organization in there because the shelves are still kind of a mess.
We did, however, build a shed in our backyard (sorry i didn't put up pictures yet).  It helped us get a lot of stuff out of the garage so we could park both of our cars in there. 

-path stones for the garbage cans & recycling on the side of the garage
We DID put these in! And that got our cans out of the garage which were taking up a lot of space. I don't have any pictures of these either--I guess I need to take pictures of all our outdoor projects sometime next spring when we start working out there again.
 ========   =========   =========   =========

Overall, I think I did pretty good and I accomplished a lot more this year than I thought I would with Sam.  I had some health and fitness goals that I never originally posted on here--I did really good with them for the entire year.  They helped me lose about 20lbs after having Sam.  I will be putting up my 2013 goals soon.  

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