Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Decorating Outside

I finally finished up decorating for Christmas outside the house!
Scott put up lights on the house for the second year.  Christmas Decor outside the houseOutdoor Christmas Lights at night

We had them up for one day and then there was a really big rainstorm that blew up our porch outlet.  We tried everything to fix it.  First we thought it was just the porch because that is the one all the lights were plugged into.  Then we discovered the garage outlet was out—all my frozen stuff in the chest freezer was getting mushy!  At that point we didn’t know how to fix it so we were going to call an electrician.  I tested all the outdoor outlets and they were all out.  We tried all the possible breakers, but they didn’t work and we are newbies when it comes to home stuff sometimes so we didn’t know what else to try.  THE DAY that the electrician was supposed to come…one HOUR before…I remembered the outlet in the laundry room that we hadn’t tested yet.  It’s shares the same wall as the outlet in the garage, so I thought I better check to see if it worked.  I discovered that it was a GFCI one with a reset button.  Pushed the button and like magic ALL the outlets worked again! Felt pretty silly after that and we called up the electrician immediately to cancel the appointment.  Who knew that one little outlet in the laundry room of all places was connected to ALL the outdoor sockets?! So glad it’s all fixed now and we can enjoy all our hard work!

Here’s my new wreath and our little light-up Christmas trees.  I painted the striped on the pots over the summer.  I added bows to the trees this year—last year they were just plain.  I was completely covered in GLITTER when I was all done. 

Front Porch Christmas Decor daytimeChristmas Decor on the Front Porch at Night

And I made these lovely bows to put on cheap-o wreaths {$2.50/each at Wal-Mart} to hang around each light by the garage.

Wreaths around Garage Lights
And that’s it! 
Now I just need to finish up some stuff inside and we will be ready for Christmas!

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  1. it looks so cute! I love the way the trees on the porch turned out. as for the outlet problem, it sounds exactly like something that we would do. lol.


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