Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three Things About Today

Did you enter the  My Memories Suite V3 digital scrapbooking software giveaway yet?  Today is the last day!!

I don't have my normal computer's out of commission.  So I'm on my hubby's laptop...but it's a Mac and I'm not a huge fan of unfamiliar buttons and such.  

Three Things About Today:

1.  I dyed my hair...Loreal #4 Natural.  It's darker and I like it.  Hubby said he can't tell a difference.
I wanted a change but didn't want anything too drastic or expensive.  

2.  Spent entirely too much time at JoAnn's today.  Doorbusters and 20% off my entire purchase lured me there today, but there was too much waiting.  Did get good I guess it was worth it!

3.  Dinner at Denny's today.  Our Denny's is kind of out of the way so it's not very busy.  We hate crowds, so it was perfect for a Saturday night out.  Plus we can always count on our boys to eat breakfast foods.  Added eat free from 4-10!  We had no idea and it was super nice to not have to pay for them.  

Just needed to pop in!  I should have some projects to put up here next week!
Go enter the giveaway!!

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