Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things That Make my Heart Happy

...theses are a few things that make me happy...

70 degree weather
Cloudy days
Brightly colored flowers
Taking walks and having long talks with my hubby
  *bonus if there is crunchy fall leaves involved!
My bed getting made
no dishes in the sink
vacuuming the floors (I guess I like sucking up stuff and watching it disappear)
pink lemondade
new notebooks or journals
new pens
chewing pebble ice
tickle fests with the kiddos--love hearing those baby laughs! {little boy laughs are good too}
pretty fabric
game nights
finding a book that I can't put down
Watching funny shows with hubby
French Toast
Talking on the phone with my mom or sister
crafting and creating
clean windows
watching my boys learn something new
making lists ;)
seeing the scale numbers go down
fitting into smaller pants
new shoes
the cute way Luke says "balloon"
Sam shaking his head "no, no, no"
new nail polish
clean sheets
singing really really loud to a great song
finding a new favorite song

what things make your heart happy?


  1. Motorcycles
    Scarlett Johanssen
    sisters that update their blogs

    1. I should add "COMMENTS on my blog posts!" to this list!!

  2. Indian Summer
    Crunchy Leaves underfoot
    Holiday Baking
    Christmas Surprises
    Temple Day
    Hubby working around the house
    Phone calls from people I know
    Going out to lunch or breakfast
    Watching the photo slideshow on my monitor (Grandkids!)


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