Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Our Blentec and a Three Ingredient Smoothie

I used to work at Jamba Juice—for 8 months during my sophomore year of college. 
It was a job that I both loved and hated equally!  I loved how fun it was, the friends I made, and the excitement of getting smoothies put together faster than we had blender jars to blend them in! I HATED wearing a hat as part of my uniform, hated cleaning out the machines and working nights, and I hated working right before classes and being all sweaty and sticky in my next class!  Thankfully there are no pictures of me in that wonderful gem of a uniform. 

Those 8 months, however, spoiled me forever with how a blender should work.

I have had 3 blenders since being married…and I’ve been disappointed with every one.  Everything getting stuck and nothing getting blended smoothly enough.  Finally I have one that lives up to my high standards! 

We just got the Blentec Blender with the Wildside Jar and I am loving it!  It was pretty funny, because my hubby was really making me explain to him why I wanted to drop so much money on just a blender…he was trying to talk me out of buying it [though he wasn’t trying too hard] as we drove to Costco to get it!!

We opened her up and made our first smoothie on Sunday!
This recipe comes from the recipe book that came with the blender, and it only has 3 ingredients! My hubby just pointed out to me that technically this one is called a “sorbet” {eye roll, whatever!}  Sorbet…smoothie…who cares as long as it’s YUMMY!!


Citrus Smoothie
2 medium oranges
1/4 cup honey
3 cups (16oz) frozen strawberries.

Add the oranges and the honey to the blender and hit the “batters” button. Then add the strawberries and hit the “ice cream” button…and you’re done!! 


Pour it into a glass and slurp up it’s yummy goodness!
Maybe someday I will make a video of the proper way to pour a smoothie into a glass...Jamba style ;)

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  1. Cool! Good for you. I love Jamba Juice. I remember though, I'd close the store every Saturday night and so I'd work until 12am! Didn't enjoy that. Of course closing meant cleaning the blenders, juice dispensers, juicing machines, so yeah, I feel your dislike. That smoothie (sorbet) looks delicious. How did Scott enjoy it? Totally worth it buying an awesome blender???


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