Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sometimes…I cut my own hair.


You know how they say you should never cut your own bangs??

I do it all the time. 

Who wants to go in for a ban trim every couple of weeks and pay for something you can learn to do yourself?  I don’t.  I can spend my $6 elsewhere.

But I actually take it a step further sometimes…and cut all of my hair!

I actually did it for an entire year once.

And do you know that I got compliments all the time on my hair?  Especially after I had just cut it.  Everyone was surprised when I told them I cut it myself….because no one could tell!!

I don’t spend a lot on my haircuts (never more than $25) but it was sooooo nice to use all that money I saved on getting my hair done for other things! Like getting a pedicure or two—which is also something I don’t normally spend money on since I can do it myself.  But it is very nice to get pampered every so often. 

I have been cutting my husbands hair since we started dating.  As just a rough estimate, if he cuts his hair once a month, at $10 a haircut that’s a minimum of $720 we’ve saved in the last six years!  I have also been cutting Luke’s hair for the last two years (he’s only really had hair to cut since he was two years old) and I plan to cut Sam’s as well!  So much money saved that way, and it really isn’t that hard. 

Here’s my current self-cut fresh from this morning scissors:

giving myself a haircut - Smile Like You Mean It

I didn’t take a before picture because I usually don’t really plan these self-haircuts.  It usually starts with me just wanting to cut off the ends a little to freshen things up and ends with a whole ton of hair in the sink!  I just get tired of the same old thing that ends up in a pony tail every day. 

And just like that…a haircut. 


  1. so cute! I would love to cut my own hair, how do you do it? also, I was wondering if you had a tutorial for how you cut your son's hair. I have two boys and a husband and every attempt on their hair has been a tragedy. Haha. :) my husband usually ends up buzzing it after my "haircuts", but at least he's a good enough sport to let me try.

  2. Katie, I love how you are such a go getter and independent woman in all areas. I admire you so much. Miss you!!


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