Thursday, August 16, 2012

Florida Vacation…Part 3…Family Pictures

I was determined to get at least one good family picture since we haven’t had one taken since adding Sam to our family!  Luke was never very cooperative and kept making dumb faces, but I think we got some we can be satisfied with!_MG_1785-4



The ever impossible Grandparents-with-Grandkids shot…a massive failure.  _MG_2331 take two_MG_2348-2_MG_2353 take one

And this was the whole group!  Only one of Scott's brothers and his wife (Derek & Melissa) were missing.  They had to be at school and couldn’t join us, but they were sorely missed!  _MG_2420-2  MERGED

The End.

Can I go back, now, please??


  1. Sounds like you deserve to go back soon. Those were some adorable family pics. The big group shot was great. Sad the grandparents pic didn't come out. There were lots of seagulls overhead. The pics of you and Scott are great. You guys look so awesome together.


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