Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Florida Vacation Part 2…Day to Day Fun

This is like ancient history now, but I still want to put up these pictures!  We had SO MUCH FUN on this trip!  It was everything we wanted it to be—fun, simple, and very relaxing. 
Grandpa made sure all the kids had fun. He even did a treasure hunt!DSC_6763DSC_6771DSC_6799DSC_6820
The kids all got toys that corresponded with a number on a coin. 
Sam was happy just chewing on the treasure chest!DSC_6961
One of our favorite things was to escape to one of the porches and read our books with a beautiful view of the ocean!  DSC_6829
My sister-in-law, Amy, and I threw a little birthday party for our boys—who were all born in July!  She put together a sponge race, and a water balloon toss.  Everyone had fun.  _MG_1579-2DSC_6845DSC_6860
I made some sad looking little cupcakes.  I was attempting to make ocean waves with the blue frosting, but it seriously failed, so I just started drawing squiggly designs and stuff instead.  Scott’s sister, Ali, helped me finish decorating them and she made some cute ones with starfish and such.  They all tasted good, despite what they ended up looking like!!
When Baby Sam wasn’t sleeping, he sometimes joined us outside while we read our books.  He was so good the entire trip!  He took a couple of two hour naps some days which was SOOOO nice!  Thanks Sam-Sams!DSC_6915
And a few times the kids just really wanted to watch movies and play cell phone & Ipad games…even Sam!DSC_6934
And of course, we spent as much time as possible on the beach!  IMG_1312-2IMG_1324-2
Luke cut his foot somehow one day and did NOT want anything to do with the ocean water or sand, but we were able to cover it up with bandages and then put a sock on it…and then with lots of slow coaxing we eventually got him to love the beach again.  Scott had to use some tricks to get him back in the water though.  DSC_6988DSC_6998
Scott was really smart and got him to come into the water to get sea shells that he was collecting! DSC_7016DSC_7017-2
Luke would come in the water to get them from Daddy and then go back to the beach to put them in a bucket. 
Scott slowly moved further out until Luke was pretty much swimming with him!  _MG_1973-2bDSC_7012-2
It was a bit trickier to let Sam play out on the beach.  Easier to let him just crawl around outside.  But we attempted a few different things.  DSC_6994
The pack and play worked really good some days, but other days it was just a big sandy mess.  _MG_2178-2_MG_2082-2b_MG_2101-2_MG_2121-2_MG_2129-2_MG_2132-2a_MG_2181-2
PS.  I made baby Sam’s sunhat.  The one he is wearing is version 2.0.  The first one was way too small! Kid has a big head apparently.  It is not easy to make hats.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy…they are lying.
I have one more post for Florida—all of our family pictures!  Then that will be it for our awesome summer vacation and onto projects and other things we’ve been puttering around with all summer!


  1. So cute baby! Thanks for the share. i had a great time with your post.

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  3. I love the one of Sam that's 3rd from the bottom. The one with you holding his hands. He just looks all wise or smug or something to me in that picture. Great pictures.

  4. So fun! Love the pics. Sam is so cute at the beach in his hat. Looks like your boys loved the beach. So glad it was fun and relaxing. Love seeing you with your family. Miss you!!!


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