Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lehi Round Up Float

I was in charge of creating the ward float for the Mini Float Parade this year.

This is also why I barely blogged all through June!

Whenever someone mentions working on the float in our ward, everyone seems to avoid eye contact and start shifting in their seats.  No one wants anything to do this the darn float! 

I knew that going in and yet, I still said yes. 

But never again :P

Our theme was “Cowboys Around a Campfire” which turned out to make for a pretty simple design.  (Good for me since I practically made it by myself!)  I had someone in my ward help me built the frame for the tent and get the float to and from the park for the parades, but that was pretty much it.  Everything else was me, me, me! (oh I did have one friend help me put glitter on the stars! Thanks, Megan!!)



I wish I’d taken another picture of it in the garage after I finished the fire because it looked awesome.  I spray-painted gold on the flames and it shined and shimmered…too hard to tell in this last picture. 

You want to know the saddest part??  I didn’t even get to go to the parade!!  I didn’t see kids on it and I didn’t see the kids walking it down with the rest of the parade!  We left for our vacation to Florida the day before the parades!  Sad.

But now it’s gone and we can finally park both cars in our garage again, which is way more important to us!

Speaking of Lehi Round-Up events, I also entered Sam into the beautiful baby contest!


We didn’t win, mostly because I had no idea what to do to show off his cuteness especially when it was nap time. (I got a really good idea of how to get him smiling after I left!) And I was all awkward with the judges.  I’m pretty sure I missed a whole table of judges, too…oops.  Maybe next year Sam!


  1. You are so talented Katie! I love the float!

  2. Wow! Now
    You can say you've created a parade
    Float almost entirely by yourself. Happy that it turned out so
    Well and that it's all done.

  3. That float is fantastic! Particularly the fire! I was searching for camping float ideas and your photo popped up and really caught my attention. Did you use orange cellophane for the fire? You mentioned spray painting it with gold. Well, it is great!!

    1. Yes i used yellow and Orange cellophane and sprayed gold on the edges, can’t remember how i got it all to stay together, probably used staples and a lot of hot glue?


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