Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Monster Birthday Bash

We decided to have a birthday party with all of Luke’s friends this year!  I had to constantly keep reminding myself that a group of 3 & 4 year olds will not care about all the little details…but I still had a hard time keeping things simple!
First, the invitation:Black Boarder BLURRED copy
I designed it myself in Photoshop, using the monster set and the birthday set from KPM Doodles on Etsy.  This was really fun for me, and they turned out really cute!  I just got them printed as photos from Costco and delivered them as is. 
Next, the Activities!  I actually put a lot of work into the games & activities for this party.  I knew I had to have things for the kids to do or we would never make it through the party! 
When the kids came in, I had them decorate paper bags as Monsters.  This would later be their favor bags for their candy and prizes.  DSC_7233
I may have underestimated how hard this was going to be…since basically I was the only one able to glue! It worked out though since only 1 or 2 kids came at a time and they were actually pretty patient with me. They didn’t turn out quite how I imagined, but I like how they are all different.
All the kids with their bags (minus 1 kid who had to go home, and another kid who preferred finishing his cake to taking a picture with the group! That’s his bag on the end) Making scary monster faces!DSC_7291-2
My hubby manned the bowling, while I finished up working on the bags.  That kept them busy for a while since everyone wanted a turn!DSC_7369DSC_7241DSC_7395
Then we had “Pin the Eyes on the Monster” My monster turned out really cute, albeit a bit more time consuming than I was planning when making him.  I sewed ruffles using streamers and hot glued them onto a piece of poster board.  I cut out the eyes using my cricut (and SCAL).  I plan on hanging him up in Luke’s room since there is no way I am just going to throw away my hard work ;)  I noticed later I probably should have hung him lower…I guess I thought the kids would be a little taller than they were!DSC_7259DSC_7267(don’t mind my partially painted wall that has been like that since last September!)
And lastly, I spent several days and many newspaper/flour-water mixture layers making a Piñata for the party! Next time I will start a bit earlier and do a few more layers of paper, but he was still fun to whack!
I will also make sure to have a secure way to hang it because I epically failed in that department!  My hubby ended up shoving dowels in to hang it from.  Next time I will plan a little better and make a secure hook. 
Inside the piñata I had these monster poppers, monster tattoos (which turned out to be a good activity to waste the last few minutes of the party until parents came), and lots of candy of course! 
The extra blown up balloons also provided some high-energy entertainment!  They were pretty happy having balloon wars to pass some time!  DSC_7235DSC_7243
Opening Presents…DSC_7353
And no party is complete without at least a few tears from the birthday kid, right?  He was mad at me for taking away his monster poppers so he could open his presents…DSC_73352-2
And the crowning jewel of the party…the CAKE!!  It actually turned out to be not so hard as I thought.  I did go through a TON of blue icing.  I had Luke pick what color he wanted for a monster and he picked blue.  I simply used my star tip and just pulled out to create the “fur” look.  It was pretty hot in my kitchen so I had to put it all in the fridge a few times to keep it all from melting and getting ruined.  I wanted to do something different than the typical monster cake I’m sure you’ve all seen on Pinterest, but I didn’t have time to do something more creative for the eyes, so I just used marshmallows dipped in blue melted chocolate and dotted it with black icing.  Easier than making half a dozen cake balls!  Luke was very excited about his monster cake!
Finally, my not so spectacular décor.  I decided to keep it fairly simple since nobody really cared anyway!  I just kept it very colorful and party-like. DSC_7386
I did make a monster box for the forks, though!  Definitely a cute detail that I loved.   I had plans to decorate the front door like a monster and make a sign to read “Little Monsters, this way –>” But I didn’t have the time to get those done.  DSC_7260
The streamers on the fireplace made for a good picture backdrop during present unwrapping.  DSC_7397
I had a lot of other cute things to do for this party but I nixed most of them due to time and the fact that nobody was critiquing my party abilities…but I posted most of them on my Monster Party Pinterest board. Overall the party was a big success and we had a lot of fun!  Luke loves everything about birthdays and so it as fun to do this for him.


  1. His party turned out so cute!!!! I love the cake, and the invite is darling... One question, how in the world did you hang his pinata?

  2. Seriously so amazing! Nice job!!!

  3. So cute!

    I have to tell you, I got on pinterest a while ago looking for party theme ideas for Jacob's #2 (next week) and the first page that popped up was all of your recent monster pins. And you probably noticed that I re-pinned all of them immediately. So thank you for an amazing idea! I think our party will end up looking a lot like yours! :)

  4. Way cute, Katie! I love the monster theme!

  5. WOW what a fun birthday for Luke! We are having Addis' this Saturday and you have inspired me!

  6. So cute, Katie! I'm sure Luke loved it!
    And I like your monster cake better than the one on Pinterest :)

  7. Katie, what a fun colorful and creative day. I'm sure Luke and the other kids loved it. You are amazing! His bday and the reception were on the same day. Hehe. Big parties all around. Looking forward to such fun and then also sorta glad it's all over! I went to a baby's first bday this past weekend and I'm starting to brainstorm themes! Such fun times!

  8. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I am planning a monster themed bday for my daughter who will be turning two. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the fonts you used in your invitation, especially the one for "Luke's 4th Birthday".

  9. I'm not sure if my other comment went through. Anyway... I LOVE this party. I love the colorful theme. I am planning a monster themed party for my daughter's 2nd birthday and I was hoping you could tell me the fonts you used in your invitation, especially the one you used for "Luke's 4th Birthday".
    Thank you so much!


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