Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sam is…5 months old!

I missed the 5 month update…go figure.  I blame it on the fact that we were traveling in FL that day {June 28} and I was way too busy before we left to plan the post ahead of time! So I’m posting it under it’s rightful date, and I’ll put a link on the 6th month post when it’s finished for those of you who aren’t reading this in a reader. 

Our baby is doing so much more these days!  Here’s some things about Sam at FIVE months:DSC_6558-3 FIVE

He drools a lot and still spits up a ton! We don’t dare hold him without a burp cloth of some kind near by or we will for sure regret it. 

At his 4 month check up he only weighed 14 lbs which was only a 1 lb gain since his 2 month appointment.  His weight percentage dropped from being at 71%tile at 13lbs at his 2 month check up to being in the 22%tile at 14.5lbs at his 4 month check up.  He had a big drop on the charts.  Basically, he wasn’t getting enough with nursing so I was helping him out with bottles.  But bottle feeding made me not make as much milk, which in turn made him not want to nurse which made me make even less milk!  A horrible cycle.  Not only that, but I probably don’t make as high of calorie milk, either.  To make a longer story short, we have been giving Sam bottles of formula as his main source of food. And he has slowly been refusing to nurse at all.  It breaks my heart, but I feel better knowing he is definitely getting enough to eat now. 

He can hold his bottle for a few minutes…DSC_6504-2

but then he gets tired of holding it and would I hold it instead.  DSC_6512-2

We had our final Physical Therapy appointment!  Sam officially graduated and has pretty much outgrown and reversed his Torticollis!  Yay!

Sam is also sleeping better at night.  He only wakes up once or twice to eat (usually around 1 and 5).  He sleeps from about 7 to 7 in-between.  He had ONE glorious night that he slept 12 hours straight.  I think it was because he gave in to sleeping on his tummy last month and now he can suck his thumb when he sleeps.  Still waiting for another 12 hour night stretch from him!  DSC_6595-2

He hasn’t learned to sit up yet, though he tries really hard.  Sam does not really love the bumbo either.  He’d rather eat it or get out of it so he can CRAWL…


That’s right.  Sam can crawl at only 5 months old!  He mostly uses is arm and one leg to pull himself forward, but he can definitely move to his desired location.  It’s only a matter of time until I’m moving things up and out of his curious path!  He occasionally can get up on his knee(s) but it mostly results in him just flopping forward.  DSC_6668-2

Toys are Sam’s favorite thing these days.  He loves to be chewing and playing with something. He especially loves things that have a squeaking sound (kind of like a dog toy).  He gets the biggest smile!DSC_6659-2

He’s getting very interested in watching us eat food and drink out of cups.  I will be starting him on solids after we get back from vacation in July. 

And  now…a few more cute pictures of our little Sam-Sams:

Who is that in the mirror??DSC_6567-2DSC_6571-2

Discovering he has hair on top of his head!DSC_6586-2

Still “swims” on his tummyDSC_6609-2DSC_6613-2


The end! 

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  1. Hey Sam! Can you say, "I'm a cutie patootie??" Go ahead, say it, Sam-Sam!

    So glad I got a chance to meet him and hold him some in FL!


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