Friday, May 18, 2012

Scenes from the week

Grandpa taking over bedtime stories dutyDSC_5913-4**********************

Typical scene after Daddy gets home from work! DSC_5986-2Sadly this is what it looks like about 90% of the time at 6pm.  What a good Daddy/Hubby :) He puts up with so much!


Our Pajama Walk!  Also known as a really good way to get Luke to put on PJs when he otherwise would put up a huge fight!! It was a perfectly warm, cloudy evening (and no summer bugs yet!)…perfect for our Pajama Walk around the blockDSC_5988-2PS. Isn’t Sam so adorable sitting {propped} up like a big boy?


Luke found a new fun cubby…daddy’s closet shelves!DSC_5995-2DSC_6002-2


A bit of a crazy week, but so glad to find some joy in the simple things!

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  1. So cute. "I'm so glad when daddy comes home, glad as I can beeee...." PJ walks look fun. I still marvel at Sam's RED hair. Sam does look like a big boy sitting up in his stroller next to Luke.


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