Monday, May 07, 2012

The Pinterest Test Lab

Like many of you fellow “Pinners” there are a lot of things we pin and we really do plan on trying them out, right?  I most definitely do. This is how the Pinterest Test Lab was born.  I wanted to share my adventures in using the ideas from pins I’ve pinned on Pinterest. 
In the past, I was an avid web bookmark-er.  I would bookmark anything and everything I wanted to remember, read later, or try out. 
I had hundreds of bookmarks on my browser! 
BUT, I rarely looked at them a second time.  Often I would forget about them and never look at them again later.  (with the exception of an occasional recipe)
That is why I fell in love with Pinterest!  I could organize and SEE all the things I would have previously just bookmarked and forgotten later.  It has been working wonders in my life because I actually do go back on my boards and use the ideas, make the recipes and read articles I didn’t have a chance to read right at that moment.  I’ve tried lots of things on my boards already, and so I’ve decided to start a little blog series about it.   
Presenting: The Pinterest Test Lab button
I will post about things that I’ve got pinned on my boards that I have tried or ideas I’ve used.  Friday, I posted about the Pinterest Recipe Fail and the dried out strawberry mess that I had.  Consider that the first post of this series {I just didn’t have a cool button for it yet!} And look forward to many more posts in the future about testing and trying out ideas from Pinterest!


  1. You are so right about the bookmarking thing. I have loads of them - mostly forgotten. D'oh!!

    I love the idea of the Pinterest Test Lab series - I will be stsying tuned for future installments.


  2. Hey, that's an awesome idea!! I have had mixed results from pins too, but love being able to organize the things that I want to remember or try. I will stay tuned!

  3. I love the idea of a "test lab" - I should start making a point to test a couple of ideas from my Pinterest boards per week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is a great idea. I've had some "pinned" recipes or projects totally fail even though I know I followed the instructions properly. I'm excited to see your results.


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