Friday, May 04, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Fail.

So I’m sure at least a few of you pinned this dried strawberry recipe on your boards…


Dried strawberries

I pinned it because of what someone wrote on the particular pin that I re-pinned.  I thought, “yum! chewy strawberry candy!” at least that what it looks like it should be!

The other day I got strawberries for pretty cheap and so I decided to finally try out the recipe.  I was a little skeptical, so I only used 4 strawberries and cut them up into halves and quarters like the recipe says to do. 


See how mine looks nothing like the picture above?? You can bet they also tasted nothing short of nasty!!

Total FAIL.

However, it is most definitely not my fault (this time).  In writing up this post I decided to search for the pin on Pinterest again and I found a LOT of people saying the same things (like on this pin for example)!  Horrible, doesn’t turn out, misleading picture, fail…fail…fail…

Looking at the picture they used for this recipe it doesn’t even look like they cut the strawberries.  They look pretty whole-looking and just a bit flatter to me.  It still doesn’t make me want to try this recipe again, though.  I really don’t think you can get chewy candy-like strawberries just from drying them in the oven…which doesn’t even really work. 

So.  Moral of the story…don’t always trust the wonderful looking picture on a recipe.


  1. Yeah, Kevin comments all the time that you can't really know that a recipe is good from a picture. I've had a couple of Pinterest recipe fails and now I'm mostly back to using so I can see lots of ratings and tips.

  2. About 1/3 of the recipes I've tried from Pinterest have been fails. And that strawberry picture looks like it was made in a dehydrator and not an oven. Oh well!


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