Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beehive Bazaar Swag

Today I hit up one the local annual craft fairs, the Beehive Bazaar with my mom and sister.  I was glad to see that it wasn’t all the usual same-old-stuff that I’ve been seeing at all the craft fairs.  It was refreshing to see some new things and wonderful new ideas. 

My sister and I fell in LOVE with one booth in particular…


These owls are by Emily Elizabeth’s DesignsThe artist’s name is Emily Cooper, as far as I can tell she doesn’t have a website, but one of the stickers on the back of the frame had her email ( The frames were all distressed and came in lots of cute colors and there were lots of different owls in different colors and styles.  It’s was nearly impossible to pick just one.  So I got two!  One for Sam’s gallery wall that I am working on in the nursery and one owl for our master bedroom.  Owl pictures
I also got some clearance jewelry from Native (her etsy shop can be found here) I meant to only choose one, but one it came time to check out I couldn’t decide and got them all. 
I saw a lot of other amazing booths and wished I could have come home with so many of the cute things I found!  If you are in the area, go check out the Beehive Bazaar (more info here)—they are open through Saturday night!

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