Thursday, April 26, 2012

Newborn Photographs

My neighbor and friend, Ashley, did a newborn photo shoot for me as a baby gift back in February! I never did newborn photos for Luke, so I am so glad I have something for Sam!IMG_9363IMG_9327

Sam was such a calm newborn a lot of the time—he didn’t fuss hardly at all during the entire shoot. 

At one point I did need to feed him a bit of a bottle to keep him happy, but that just led to another photo that I love! 

IMG_9303-2IMG_9304-2 kd

I like this one because Sam is sucking on Luke’s arm!  Luke is squealing and giggling IMG_9281IMG_9403IMG_9338-2IMG_9425-2kd

IMG_9453-3 kdIMG_9472-2kdIMG_9479-3kdIMG_9495-2


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