Friday, April 13, 2012

Daily Goals for the Week Board

Since Sam was born, life has been a bit more chaotic.

I feel like when I actually have a minute or two to DO something, I don’t know where to start so I end up getting NOTHING done at all!! 

It’s really frustrating sometimes.

Enter The Weekly Daily Goals Board!!

This Week's Goals Board 2

I had this board that was meant to be an FHE board from a craft day activity.  But I never got around to finishing it besides painting it red!!  So I brushed off the dust and painted it with Chalkboard Paint.  Then I cut out white vinyl lettering and put the days of the week on it. 

Weekly Goals Board Before and After

The idea is that every day I will have 3 things I want to accomplish that day (big or small, doesn’t matter) and I will write each one on a post-it.  Then as I complete that thing I will take off the post-it.  If I didn’t get it done, I can leave it there or move it to another day.  *I painted the board with Chalkboard Paint in case I decided to scrap the post-its and just write them down with chalk sometimes. 

This will be good because then when Sam goes down for a nap or both boys are finally in bed for the night, I can look there to see what to work on if I didn’t already have something to do in mind.  I’ve been pretty good getting projects done here and there, but I think this will help me stay focused even more! 

I’m so excited to have it done, now I just need to hang it up!

*Another note* I used this awesome trick of putting push-pins in the bottom to prop it up off the newspaper while painting it! It worked like a charm!  The paint doesn’t glue your board to the newspaper that way and it is SO easy to do I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!

Push Pins to prop up your board


  1. So cute, Katie! I'm gonna pin this & hopefully I'll make something similar one day :)


  2. 3 goals a day is a great idea!

  3. Wow. Cool! Good for you to be organized. I'd imagine with baby, life would be more hectic. Even just being engaged, I find that life is so busy.

  4. I love how you share your ideas with others and you always tell others tips and how to make it. So thoughtful and awesome to share your creativity with others.

  5. I always have a bazillion post its. This is a great way to get them organized and right in front of me!

  6. love this idea!

  7. What size is the board that you used?

    1. The board is about 9.25" across and 24" long. I use the small 2x2" post-its for the week and the big ones for Saturday and Sunday.

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  9. I pinned this on pinterest years ago and still love it. :-) Thanks for sharing your talent, ingenuity and work.


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