Friday, February 17, 2012

tummy time, bath time

Sam is such a good baby!  He barely puts up a fuss during tummy time.  I was able to capture some great shots today because of it.  I love having such a cute model to practice my photo skills on!


Then, I decided to try a bath in the baby tub today with Sam.  He was pretty much frozen with this expression the entire time:


Love those chubby arms! He really didn’t mind being in the water at all.  I washed him up and it wasn’t until I took him out of the warm water he began to complain—but don’t we all? It’s cold!

Soon after both events he conked out on my lap—apparently tummy time and bath time makes a baby sleeeeepyDSC_4317-2


  1. Your pictures turned out fabulous! He is so stinkin' cute!

  2. I love his red hair!! Such a cutie :)

  3. Those are great photos! I love the catchlights in his eyes in the first pic.

  4. You are an amazing photographer. I love your pictures. Your baby is adorable.


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