Monday, February 06, 2012

One Week Old

We have loved having Sam home this week! He is such a good baby—sleeping pretty well and eating like a champ! Nights are getting easier and I have been able to catch a nap here and there. We are so so so blessed to have Sam in our family!One Week Old


He smiles quite a bit in his sleep & half-sleep states and he also makes some pretty funny facesDSC_4171-2

Luke L.O.V.E.S giving the baby kisses!DSC_4181-3

To put things into perspective, this is Luke at one month and he is still way smaller than Sam.


As for me, so far I think adjusting to a new baby has been pretty easy. Besides maybe trying to get out of the house early like I used to! I totally wouldn’t have made it to church on time if I had been going yesterday! But I am still able to shower everyday and get some things done around the house. I don’t mind at all taking a break every 3 hours to tend to my cute baby! Luke’s been adjusting fairly well—he will bring books to me while I feed the baby and we will read them. He also smothers Sam with tons of kisses!

Now that I’ve plastered the blog with all things “baby” lately, I’m thinking it’s time to have a couple other projects posted soon. We shall see…


  1. Katie, he is soooo cute. And that funny face pic has me cracking up!

  2. Love the funny faces!

    Luke was so tiny, it's so funny your boys are already so different.

    The picture of Luke kissing baby is adroble. I'm glad he likes being a big brother. So happy to hear routines are going well and getting easier.

  3. What a cutie!! I love all his hair. It looks like he already has a cute little personality with all the expressions he makes. congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations! He's adorable!!


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