Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Fun Day

For President’s day on Monday we wanted to do something fun!  We actually tried to go to the Living Planet Aquarium, but apparently so did all of the rest of the state!! It was totally PACKED!  So we left. 

We grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the bowling alley near where we live.  It turned out to be perfect!  We didn’t have to wait to get a lane and Luke had a total blast!  We’ve never taken him bowling before but he was having so much fun carrying the ball over and rolling it down the ramp!  He was totally dancing the whole time and was happy all the way home. 


Scott & I realized it has actually been a pretty long time since we’ve been bowling, too!  We used to go pretty often when we were dating.  DSC_4342-2


Not the best scores in the world, but we were ok with them—Luke beat me by one point (not that he even knew or cared!)


Looking forward to more family fun days this spring & summer.

And one of them will be the Aquarium for sure!


  1. This is so cute of Luke, and the Fam. Looks like you had a blast

  2. How fun! Family fun day! Many more to come. So excited to have days like these with my fam!!


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