Saturday, February 25, 2012


Over the last few months I’ve been teaching Luke expressions—starting with “happy” and “sad” and slowly adding more complicated emotions to the mix. The other day we were waiting for our food to come while we were out and I decided to snap some of this expressions to pass the time!

Happy (but being a goof-ball won’t look at the camera)



Angry! (notice how he has trouble keeping a straight face!)DSC_4333-2DSC_4334-2

Sad (again)DSC_4336-2



He also knows “surprised” and “scared” but I forgot to snap those expressions!

And I just wanted to throw this picture in because I am in with love his eyes lately! He has such big eyes with super long, full lashes! He’s growing up so fast!DSC_4322-2

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  1. He's such a cutie! Good for you for having fun and teaching him new things all at the same time. What an awesome mommy. He's so funny. He was such a goofball when we came over. I miss him and I miss YOU!!!


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