Friday, February 03, 2012

Baby Has Arrived

We are home and enjoying our “little” bundle of joy!

Sam birth announcement 1

I know what you are thinking…11 lbs! Surely she must be joking…

Even better…I didn’t have a c-section and I pushed him out in about 20 minutes! 

No one was expecting him to be this big—my doctor was joking with how well I was pushing he would be out in 3 pushes…until about the 4th push when everything turned into complete chaos in our room!  Two of the nurses had jumped up on the bed and they all were yelling at me to push harder!  Poor baby’s shoulders had gotten stuck.  Everything turned out ok in the end and soon I was able to hold my big baby with a full head of red hair!! (he actually looks a lot bigger in these pictures than he is)


We’re so happy to have Baby Sam healthy and home with us! We are so in love with our new baby! Luke is especially smitten and can hardly wait until he can play with him!



We skipped newborn sizes altogether (diapers & clothing both!) and now he’s wearing 3 month sizes and size 1 diapers!  He’s been a pretty good sleeper (at least during the day) and I’ve been able to catch up on some sleep here and there.  No matter how much sleep I lose, however, I wouldn’t give this up for anything! We love our little Sam!!


  1. Congratulations, he's beautiful!!!!!

  2. Congratulations..he's beautiful....your whole family is beautiful! Glad you're getting some sleep!

  3. He is seriously adorable. Good work! I hope you're recovering well.

  4. He is beautiful! Congratulations. Love his red hair.

  5. He his such a Cutie!!! I will have to come see him soon! I love the Red Hair :) Congrats Katie!!!!

  6. What a beautiful boy. I love his red hair! Enjoy having two boys. They'll be buds in no time!

  7. He is very cute. And the hair! Congratulations on the new baby! :)


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