Sunday, January 01, 2012

Goals-the old and the new

First, the old.
2011 Goal Check Up
Well I tend to have this really bad habit of forgetting about my goals throughout the year-0r I think about them but don't always act on them (like journal writing or digital scrapbooking). Nevertheless, here's my 2011 goals and how I did:

Paint the House!
Paint Luke's new bedroom, Paint our bedroom, Finish painting the living room & dining room and possibly repaint the entryway.

RESULT: We indeed did get Luke's bedroom painted, and we repainting the living room, dining room and kitchen(which wasn't in the original plan). Instead of repainting the entryway, we painted the big wall in the stairwell. We didn't paint our bedroom yet--but that was mostly due to the fact that I still can't decide on what color to paint it.

Have a baby on 11/11/11. Just kidding...I'll take one anytime! Though you have to admit that this be awesome!

RESULT: Well I'm currently 37 weeks and not due for another 3 weeks...but I did have a friend who's sister's baby was born at 11:11pm on 11-11-11! Talk about awesome!

Keep on Blogging
I want to get at least 20 posts a month! That's a pretty big goal, but it really shouldn't be too hard if I actually try...

RESULT: Well if only i'd listened to myself. It really wouldn't have been very hard to blog 20 times a month. However, I only averaged about 12 posts a month throughout the year. I know I could do 20 times though, because I blogged every single day in November! So it can be done, I just slacked off (especially in the summer!)

Journal (for real!) once a week
I think written journals are important. We can write more personal feelings down for record in a journal than you can in a blog. I think this will also be pretty important in sorting through some tough feelings that I've been bottling up since October. This will be crucial in my healing process.

RESULT: Well this one was tough. I actually wrote in my journal nearly every day or a couple times a week in January. It started trickling away in February and then only a sporadic post or two until the last one in May when I wrote about finding out we were finally going to have another baby and all my worries that came with that. I will be recommitting to this goal again--once a week isn't that hard I just have to remember to do it.

More Digital Scrapbooking
Finish Rachel's scrapbook
Work on our Dating/Engagement Scrapbook ( I kept an awesome journal in 2006, so I have lots of really cool things to do here---At least that's what I'm hoping.)

RESULT: I'm a little bit annoyed at myself for not doing this better. I've probably only did about 6 pages this year. I really like digital scrapbooking, but I tend to work on other things in photoshop instead.

Keep trucking along on fitness goals
I want to complete Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred (I only got halfway through it in November)
Keep drinking water
Track food/exercise at

RESULT: I honestly don't really know why or how I fell off the bandwagon with this one. Luke made it hard to get through the 30 day shred video some days, so I kind of gave up. Scott and I started running in April, but I gave that up too when we got busy and then I found out I was pregnant. I did, however, start drinking a lot more water so I get points for that!

Open a shop online
I want to sell my stuff online, so I'm going to keep working towards that goal. This year I got pretty far, now it's time to do it for real.

RESULT: I DID open an Etsy shop! I only sold 5 things...but I didn't really try very hard to promote it and I got busy this summer with participating in the local craft fair. I had items to sell 2 booths (which I shared with friends). I made over $300 and then another chunk of money when we had another sale (for leftovers) in my driveway. I consider that pretty successful. Also, this past month I did really well on my Family Tree Art website and was commissioned to do some custom subway art as well as a few other projects for Christmas. This year I will try and streamline things and figure out exactly how I want to proceed business-wise.

Learn how to make my own digital scrapbooking kits
I would be so good at this. I at least want to learn how to make my own papers & elements. I'm throwing this goal in here as "to learn" this year. We should always have a goal to learn something new. Last year it was square foot gardening, so maybe this year I'll learn this.

RESULT: this one I kind of added to the goal list without thinking I would actually do it...but I thought it might be fun. Instead of learning that, I worked on learning how to use my new camera. I may try and do this some day, but I lost interest in it so I never really tried to learn anything about it.

And now the new!
2012 Goals
Personal Goals
-Journal once a week
-blog at least 2 times a week (and every day in November)
-2 crafty projects a month
-5 digital scrapbooking pages per month
-Learn something new about my camera or Photoshop every month

Goals for the House
-Paint the hallways, the nursery, and the Master Bedroom.
-Shelving for Food Storage in the Laundry Room
-Hang more artwork and photos on the walls in the house


-plant more bushes and shrubs
-Garage storage/organization
-path stones for the garbage cans & recycling on the side of the garage

Not too many personal goals and reasonable goals for the house and yard. I'm trying to be more realistic because, honestly, I don't know how hard it may be to juggle things with a new baby! I'm hoping though, I will learn to balance everything pretty well and still be able to do the things I love to do. Good Luck on any goals you may be setting for the year!

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