Wednesday, January 18, 2012

39 1/2 weeks

Well, I’ve got just a few days left until my due date on the 23rd.

Will he come early? Unlikely.

Will he come late? Probably. But he’s coming out by the 27th no matter what!! We set an induction date for Friday the 27th because it’s right before the weekend and hubby wouldn’t have to take off too much work. Also, my mom is flying in from Ohio to help for two weeks and she gets here on the 31st. So basically the timing would be perfect. We’ll see if that works out!

Here I am in all my 39 week glory!


For comparison sake here’s some more shots:

35 weeks 1DSC_3706-229 wks35 weeks 2DSC_3733-2a

It’s funny how I really hadn’t thought I’d gotten that much bigger from the 35 weeks pictures—but then actually looking at them I most definitely did!! No wonder my shirts don’t fit anymore!

I’m getting pretty annoyed with clothing in general. I only have 2 shirts that keep my belly covered. Most of the other ones I feel exposed all the time with. Pants pretty much suck all around.

Still have a pain in my back (in the same spot) nearly all the time, and heartburn is a constant companion. Sleeping isn’t so much sleeping as flipping myself over multiple times a night. Luckily though, I still only visit the bathroom once at night. That in itself is pretty remarkable considering the amount of water I’ve been drinking! I’ve only had contractions one 1/2 days (last Friday & Saturday) and nothing since then. I have a fear of my water breaking at some inconvenient time & place, however! Really hoping that doesn’t happen!! With Luke, he was 3 days late and I was actually out looking for houses with my mom & realtor, but luckily it wasn’t a huge break and I wasn’t even sure at the time that it’d broken. I had to go in to the hospital and get checked to make sure and it had so I ended up staying there!

My good friend paid for a pedicure this last week so now I’ll have cute toes for L&D (not that anyone but me will care…)


Since this is a cool weather pregnancy (opposed to Luke’s which was dead summer!) I’ve been able to keep my ring on. I did ditch the wedding band itself—2 rings was a tad tight at times. I’m pretty happy that I’ve been able to keep my engagement ring on this whole time!


I’ve pretty much been keeping up on the house cleaning so I don’t get overwhelmed by it. This week I’m going to tackle my crafting stuff again and re-organized some things that haven’t been working since I re-organized it the last time. I’ve finished my major baby projects (putting the bassinet back together, finishing the cover for the car seat, storage boxes…) and decided to hold off on actually finishing the nursery until after the baby comes. He won’t be in there for a few months anyway! My bag and a bag for Luke are mostly packed—missing only the last minute things we will throw in. I’ve got a list of those things attached to each bag so we don’t forget anything!

Basically, I’m pretty much ready!! So bring it on!!

Extra Bonus Shot: Luke wanted to be in the picture too!


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  1. Love that last picture with Luke! Can't wait for my new nephew to be here! :-)


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