Thursday, December 15, 2011

This boy.

Luke is about a month away from being 3 1/2. 

He has grown up a lot in the last month and his parents have definitely taken notice.DSC_3315-2a

Even just one month ago, everything was a power struggle—from mealtimes to bedtime to playtime.

Not so much anymore.

Now we’ve got him eating dinner with us and trying new things. He doesn’t always like them…but at least he will try them now! Our favorite it how he really downs his Spaghetti...which is a very good thing since we have it at least once a week!

He’s learning new skills and keeping us busy with his high amounts of energy that never seem to wane.

He’s becoming more imaginative when he plays—like full conversations on the “telephone” that is really a calculator. 

He’s becoming more talkative in a way that we can understand (not so much gibberish); which means I’ve started writing down everything funny that he says or does so we can look back on it and remember someday!


He’s becoming more naughty—which you would think is a bad thing.  However, I can see that he is just more curious (what is in this drawer, anyway?!), trying to become a bit more independent, and make his own choices about things.  It also means he’s starting to form his own opinions {like about what song he wants to listen to on the radio!} and he is learning how to express them.  We, as his loving parents, have really had to step it up and really start to teach him the things he needs to know—teach him how to apologize when he does something wrong and teach him that there are things he can and cannot do (like tell us to shut up! or constantly whine/yell for what he wants instead of saying please.)


We’ve been so blessed to be this little boys parents for 3 1/2 years and I look forward to watching him learning and growing even more.  I know he will be a good example for his baby brother that will soon be joining us and there are going to be many fun adventures ahead! 

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  1. Luke! He's getting to be such a big boy. And almost a big brother. I remember when he was a teensy thing back in Orlando. It's funny that he's getting sneaky, but he's definitely got a mind of his own.


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