Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Christmas Pictures

Sick of all the blogs posting about Christmas yet??  Well I’ll try to keep it brief and only do a couple Christmas leftover posts!

Christmas Morning


I kind of blew it this year—I didn’t take the time to make sure I knew what settings I needed for my camera and a lot of my pictures came out way too dark. I could only edit them so much in Photoshop, but I guess some of them came out ok. And…I really didn’t take a lot of photos, but we did take some good videos. DSC_3462-2DSC_3469-2DSC_3470-2DSC_3472-2DSC_3475-2DSC_3476-2DSC_3480-3

Luke loved Christmas this year which made it super fun for us!  He was so happy to open presents, and even got a little jealous when my hubby and I were opening ours so we let him help.  He was excited to play with everything too. 

We had a pretty laid back Christmas this year since it was just the 3 of us.  We made orange sweet rolls for breakfast, spent an hour at Church around Noon, and then spent the rest of the day cooking and enjoying each other and our new toys.  I made ham, potatoes and rolls, but I was telling Scott I should have spent my time making pies and we could have just eaten something simple like mac and cheese for dinner!!  It’s several days later and I still don’t have the energy to make pies :P  But I really want some pie so the motivation will come soon. 

I like to remember what I got each year, so I made a photo collage of mostly everything:


Me: Books (Thomas S. Monson Biography, Nikon D7000), Bananagrams, Rachel Ray bubble and brown stoneware, a flip-over waffle maker (like in hotels & at college!), silicone muffin cups, Sapphire studs, 3 “long” shirts not pictured (from hubby who listens when I complain about my shirts not fitting over my big belly!), and my favorite of all…an apple green Kitchen aid!!  And one gift coming my way is a book binding machine (The Cinch) because I’ve always wanted to feed my addiction to notebooks and make my own!  Oh and Hubby got me and Luke passes to the Living Planet Aquarium so we can get out of the house this winter!

Scott: 2 Munchkin games, and a game called The Resistance.  2 Books (Millionaire next Door, and Seven Miracles),  A lot of Scott’s gifts I didn’t take pictures of: Bucky Balls book, an alarm clock, a portable ping pong net that will let us play on our dining table! (It’s pretty awesome) Sports 2 Kinect, and a big 55” TV which he bought for himself!

Luke: We got Luke the Letter Factory DVD from Leapfrog and also a Scribble and Write.  A Bear dress-up puzzle and a flipping frogs game (for fine motor skills).  I also made him a dino shirt.  His grandparents got him Squinkies (TONS and he loves them all!), a giant dinosaur (which is remote control, but scares him to death when we turn it on!!), Book of Mormon books and character figurines and a beautiful picture of Christ with the children.  Also, not pictured he got a couple of small toys (lizards, more cars, etc) and a couple of really cute shirts that my sister in law made—I’m planning on posting about that tomorrow. 

I’m probably forgetting something in these lists, but I think I got mostly everything.  Like I said, I just like to remember what we get from year to year to document things and it’s fun to look back.  We have some really awesome videos that I took on Christmas day too.  They require some work to go from video camera to blog, so you may or may not ever see them on here! 

Anyhow…Merry Christmas!


  1. LOL! I see you had the same idea for a shirt for Luke as I did! I shoulda known that might happen... Ah well, glad to hear you had a merry Christmas!

  2. Your tree looks beautiful. I thought the lighting was done on purpose :p

    Luke looks so happy with his gifts. Sounds like you got some cool ones. Isn't it great when men can take a hint ;) ;) your sapphire earrings are beautiful! And an apple green kitchen aid! That is the coolest. I love our kitchen aid. I'm so gonna miss it when I move out of my house. Actually my dad said it's older than us kids and working great!


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