Saturday, November 05, 2011

Stringtown & Hee Haws

Oops! I thought I was done with Halloween Posts…sorry if you are super sick of anything Halloween-y, but since this blog is also a family record I have to get them up!

Stringtown USA—every year a neighborhood in Lindon does a free train ride called Nightmare Express.  They also do a Polar Express which we did last year. It was too busy last year to do the Halloween one, so this year we tried again and by going the first day and pretty early we were able to ride it twice because there wasn’t much of a wait.  


I didn’t get any pictures of us on the train this time, but they did have a pretty cool lights/song show to watch when waiting to get on the train.  You could also count the “Jacks” from Nightmare Before Christmas and if you guessed right you got a prize. 


Some pretty awesome pumpkin carvings to look at too.  DSC_1945


I took Luke to HeeHaws this year with my friend Megan and her baby, Eli.  It was just a couple hours in the afternoon and pretty nice day to enjoy outside. The actual hayride to the “pumpkin patch” was a total disappointment—they had the weirdest pumpkin patch (pumpkins planted amidst corn and sunflowers) and worst pumpkins I’ve ever seen.   DSC_1839DSC_1844

Eli chilled in the stroller most of the time


Megan offered to take Luke down the slide for me…he loved it.  Then her husband, who stopped by and joined us for a while took him down a second time.  Thanks!!


random goats came and said hiDSC_1860

Luke did not want to pet it.


YeeHaw!  Luke loves riding ponies.  I’m glad we were able to do more festive things with Luke this year.  He’s at such a great age where it’s actually worth it to pay money for him because he will really participate and enjoy things!

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  1. Hi Katie!

    So good to hear from you! I guess I lost your blog address awhile back, so I am so glad you left me a comment because now I found you again! :)

    Looks like your family had some awesome Halloween festivities this year as much fun.

    Take care!


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