Wednesday, November 02, 2011


November is NaBloPoMo month!

It means National Blog Posting Month--and you're supposed to write a post a day for every day this month!! (and I already posted yesterday, so I'm starting off right! We are 2 for 2!!)

I have so much to write anyway, I really don't think it will be that hard for me this time!

Things you can look forward to on this blog in the next month...
  • More Pictures of family outings & happenings, pictures of Luke (who is growing up too fast!) Photos from photo shoots I've done recently
  • At least a weeks worth of tutorials & crafting along side me as I make a bunch of Christmas ornaments for my handmade Christmas tree this year!
  • Pregnancy updates since I've only posted ONCE about this pregnancy and that was 11 weeks ago!!
  • Perhaps a new free printable
  • Some new digital scrapbooking pages!
  • And as always, the recent crafts & home improvement projects we've been working on (I've already got some pictures from our last painting job!! and it's big!!)
Are you excited? Are you going to join in, too? If you plan ahead a little, it's really not too hard to post every day! I'm excited for this challenge! See you back here tomorrow!

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