Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Didn't get around to post yesterday because I spent most of my cleaning!
I remembered when my head hit the pillow around 10:30 and I could have grabbed my laptop that was sitting by my bed and post something, anything, but I was even too tired for that!

Want a list of my day yesterday? Well here it is anyway. It's entirely way too much for someone in their 30th week of a pregnancy!

--Cleaned our Master Bedroom. Since it's on the main floor it's a catch-all for laundry, papers, and junk that was on the counters & we hide when people come over. So that means I also:

Organized and filed and threw away a huge pile of paper
Sorted out all the toys that luke brings into our room when we don't get out of bed.
Sorted all the landry and did 3 loads including washing the sheets & bedding off our bed.
Organized our closet a bit, including emptying out remnants from several purses
vacuumed the whole room and edged it too.

--Cleaned the Master Bathroom
Counters & sinks, mirrors, toilet, scrubbed the tub & the shower, swept and mopped the floor, and then I even spent some time trying to rid the shower doors of water spots that never seem to go away

--Cleaned up all the toys in the living room (at least I got Luke to help me put them all in the buckets to take upstairs.
--Vacuumed the living room & hallways

This is where i took a break for lunch for about 40 minutes.

--Then we took all the toys upstairs and I had Luke help me organized and put away all of the toy mess in the loft.

Then I had to take another break to go visiting teaching. I had to walk pretty far ways to her house too because I didn't have a car and neither did my companion.

Then we walked back and got the mail, I sat at the table going through it
After that I had more landry to sort through. (Massive pile of clean laundry accumulating on the bed at this point)
Around 4:30 I decided i should start making dinner because we were supposed to have a cousin of Scott's over so I was actually going to make something good. And my good food always takes forever it seems. Breadsticks & Baked Ziti were on the menu.
In between cooking, and waiting for things to finish, hubby came home. I also loaded up the dishwasher and then washed all the blasted bowls, and pots & pans.
Wiped down the counters & swept the floor

We ate dinner.
I cleaned up dinner.
I finished giving a bath to Luke (hubby started it for me) and put him in PJS, brushed teeth and then we said prayers.
Scott read him books and I dashed out of the house again at 7:30 to go visiting teaching to another person!

I got home about 8 and then I transferred the massive pile of laundry from the bed to the couch so I could make up our bed with the clean bedding.

I folded allllll the laundry as we watched TV and then I crashed on the couch and then again in bed.

the end.

Needless to say I am not cleaning anything for the rest of the week!!

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