Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 things

I almost forgot to write today!
We're getting ready to finish a movie and I'm munching on popcorn and then I remembered my blog!! Gotta write every day!!

So real quick--5 things I'm grateful for recently!

--Luke making us laugh and smile! He has recently caught on to the game where you steal the other persons nose "I got chore (your) nose!" he'll say. It's cute. I even took his nose and threw it across the room and he pretended to actually go find it! The only time it's not so cute is when mommy is trying to take a nap...

--Yesterday we got a really good deal on a rocker/recliner. I really really really wanted one for this baby after all the stinky other rockers we've tried. I was expecting to pay at least 450, but we got one at Ashley Furniture for 350! I get to go pick it up the Monday after Thanksgiving and I'm so excited to have a good chair to sit and nurse and rock my new baby to sleep this time around.

--I'm grateful for compliments! Today I was told at least 5 times that I looked cute and I really needed that because I'm feeling huger by the day!

--I am grateful for movie/tv cuddle time with my hubby! It's not huge, but it's something I look forward to every night.

--babysitters who do my dishes! We went out last night with some friends and when we got back I realized after they left my dishwasher had been unloaded and reloaded. (Thanks Squirt!)

Well, that's it for tonight!
More fun posts lined up for this week! Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving yet??

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