Tuesday, November 08, 2011

29 Weeks

I FINALLY took pictures of my ever-growing belly!

It helped to finally get a tripod and a remote for my camera! I feel really bad about missing so many weeks between the last picture (at 17 weeks) and now (at 29)!

Most of the 2nd trimester I was feeling pretty good--lots of energy, still somewhat comfortable at night. The only major thing was the TUMS consumption increased to a definite once a day. Now it's 2 or 3 times a day...sheesh. Now I'm feeling every bit of being in the 3rd trimester. It's harder to get comfy at night and pillows are starting to take over the bed (sorry hubby!).

It's funny because when I was pregnant with Luke I craved eggs and toast all the time. This time I still crave eggs, but now I want it with a potato. Love me some baked potatoes. I also crave salads (and really don't like too many sweets!) so I make salads for lunch pretty often.

I'm slowly losing my belly button, and I'm doing my best not to waddle, but sometimes my hips and legs just get so stiff...especially after I do a lot of cleaning or work around the house or outside.

This kid is very active! He kicks a lot, and there are lots of times where I can watch him move around as he does flips and somersaults inside my belly! Scott's probably felt this baby move a lot more than he ever did Luke. Baby kicks are one of my most favorite things about being pregnant!

I've got a nice hefty list of projects to get done before baby boy comes and I've been on a real sewing kick lately! I have made a couple really cute toys that I will be showing off here soon. We've also been doing home projects which include lots of paint! I just hope I can get all the essential things done in these last few months! I'm getting pretty excited to meet this baby!

And as a little bonus photo:
Look who snuck into my picture! Isn't this such a darling picture?! He is going to be so excited to have a brother and I can't wait to see him meet his new baby brother for the first time!
I seriously could have this baby next week and be perfectly happy! I'm kinda glad I have the holidays to speed up the last 3 months for me!


  1. Love the bonus photo! :-) You look great Katie!

  2. Great self-portraits! The lighting is amazing! And you look cute pregnant. :)


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