Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Museum of Ancient History


We’d been wanting and waiting to take Luke to the Dinosaur Museum all summer!  This kid LOVES anything dinosaur and has a huge dinosaur toy collection.  We were mostly waiting for school to start again so the museum wasn’t super crazy, and we ended up picking a perfect day to go.  I was a bit worried the huge skeletons would totally freak him out—we tested him with the one in the lobby and he hated it.  We almost didn’t go into the museum, but in the end we decided to just go for it.  Luckily there was enough other stuff to keep him happy and his attention on the less scary parts. 


There was NO way he was going into the dark cave tunnel.DSC_1354

He loved this aquarium with the alligator and all the miniatures (he loves mini things)DSC_1361DSC_1362

Of course the sand/water table was a favorite (complete with mini dinos too)


he was a bit distracted here because in the background are the T-rex skeletons.DSC_1372DSC_1377

he liked the sabertooth tigers because he was on an Ice Age movies kick.DSC_1379

And of course, the sandbox.  Hard to get him out of here too.DSC_1382

Another successful outing with our little boy who is growing up too fast!

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  1. You took him to the dinosaurs! Cool. Yeah, when Mike and I went to the Museum in Hawaii, there was a couple with a young boy, not sure how old, old enough to run away because he was screaming at some of the dinosaurs. Some of them were full skin and eyes and teeth and some would make noise on top of that and some would move so they were a little startling, but he screamed bloody murder. He looked like he was enjoying the other things. Sandpit! =) And of course the characters from Ice Age. I thought it was funny he wouldn't go into the cave. I'm glad you guys got to do it and that you took him all the way in although he didn't like the skeleton. Such fun. He is growing so fast. He'll be an expert when you bring your other boy around and can be the protective older brother!


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