Wednesday, October 19, 2011



My mom and dad came to town!!  My dad was here for a week and my mom was here for 2 weeks.  We loved having them here and miss them now that they’re gone.  When they were here my mom and dad took us to Cornbelly’s which was really cold fun!  Other than wishing we did it during the daytime when the sun was out and warm we had a great time.


Luke could have stayed in the corn box the whole night.  DSC_1679DSC_1706-2DSC_1695DSC_1696DSC_1709

The grandparentsDSC_1725-2


The giant inflatable pillows were another favorite.  So hard to pull him off too.  DSC_1733-2DSC_1739-2

needless to say the kid was pretty tired when we got home :)

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  1. I wonder if Cornbelly's and Corn Dawgs are affiliated. It looks like the exact same activities. Even the wagons look the same. :-) Fun stuff!


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