Tuesday, September 20, 2011


DSC_1415-2I’ve gotten together with a few of my friends to do a co-op preschool for our 3 year olds this year.  Luke loves when he gets to put on his backpack and walk over to our neighbors’ houses for school.  There’s currently only 3 of us, but we get together with another group that has 4 and do activities as a large group once a month as well as bounce ideas off each other. 


We keep it pretty basic—it’s only an hour and a half long and each of us teaches twice a week, rotating every 3 weeks.  We do a different letter each week—so far they’ve learned the letter M and A, and this week will be P (and I get to teach!)  You may have noticed the picture Luke made for the Letter A on my last post.

This month we will also focus on the primary colors—red, blue and yellow and also on the number 1.  Our theme this month is animals because we chose for our combined group activity to go to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.  We’ll actually be going tomorrow, which means I will only have to teach once this week on Friday. 


Luke seems to really like it, and I think he is learning some new things as well as learning to interact better with other kids and new situations.  We’re excited for this simple opportunity to introduce him to new things and help him learn.  It’s so fun to see how excited young kids get about going to school!  It’s only a matter of time before they hate going!


  1. That sounds so fun. I tried something like that for Alexander over the summer but we couldn't get together consistently with other people because of vacations and it kind of went out the window.

  2. Hi Katie, this is Tanya. I was a good friend of Scott in GA. Seeing this post i just had to recommend to you homepreschool.com. I did this with my oldest when she was 3with several moms in our ward and it was great. In fact, we have many co-op groups between the 2 wards and we all use this website as our curriculum. They give all the supplies you need, for example, if the lessons calls for 4 straws they give you 4 straws, etc. (they don't give you scissors and glue and crayons) But each lesson is planned out and the kids loved it. I just thought I would tell you bc we didn't have to plan a thing! It was already done for us! Let me know if you have any questions! (I don't work for this company or get any compensation of any kind I just thought they were great and spreading the news!) your blog is fun!

  3. FUN! That sounds so cool. You ladies are so creative and it's so wonderful to see you take a proactive part in your kids' learning. It's great for these kids to practice and learn to be in a structured environment. I see the different it makes to have attended pre-school to be able to sit still and learn and to be able to interact with other children! Wonderful!!!

  4. Yay for co-op preschool! We just started our co-op preschool today... super late, but we're all slackers (okay, well, really I am a slacker, and the other two had a bunch of other commitments while school was starting). Anyway, better late than never!

    How fun that you have another group to get together with. We only have 3 as well, but it's still super fun. I wish I didn't have to teach as often ;) My favorite part about our co-op is that we're all LDS and so we sing I Am A child of God in circle time. And we talk about the gospel in preschool. Which is totally awesome.


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