Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes when we think Luke is doing something good—like playing quietly upstairs with his toys—he is really doing something naughty like emptying the entire remnant crumbs from a cereal box all over the couch and floor. 

On this particular day, Luke was playing in the sandbox and we usually just check on him every 5 or 10 minutes.  This was a Saturday so Scott was home and I think we were just inside cleaning up when I went over to the window to check on Luke in the sandbox.  He wasn’t there…and instead I found him like this:


look, he even knows he’s doing something naughty!!DSC_1299-2DSC_1301-2DSC_1304-2DSC_1307-2DSC_1308-2

It’s a good thing this made me laugh instead of get mad!  He’s definitely getting naughtier as he gets older though.  As a baby and toddler, he never really got into too many things he wasn’t supposed to.  Now he’s testing those boundaries as often as possible!!

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  1. He just wanted to go down the slide!! It's not his fault that there just happened to be water at the bottom! ;)


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